Welcome to Rollick’s Coffee

Photo Dec 17, 11 56 22 AMWelcome to Rollick’s Coffee, home of the best coffee in Salinas, as well as the best place to enjoy a quiet moment or spend time with friends.

We strive to make our cafe the place you can go to get away from everything. Whether for a few moments or an hour, we have what you need to make it the best mini-vacation you can get. Coffee, Espresso Drinks and Tea are available, made fresh to your order by our friendly baristas.

So take that break and come visit us. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

What is Rollick’s Coffee?

Rollick’s is guaranteed satisfaction. Rollick’s Coffee is the upscale, great tasting, alternative to corporate coffee. We strive to provide our customers with a relaxed, calming environment that makes it easy for them to sit and enjoy our superior coffee drinks or get them to go in a hurry. Where other coffee shops, especially large corporate …

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Rollick’s Uses Ghirardelli

When you take the time to get something to drink, especially that decadent something your trainer told you to avoid, you want it to be good and worth the trouble. Rollick’s thinks that as well and that’s why we use Ghirardelli dark chocolate, caramel and white chocolate sauces for our drinks. We know that Ghirardelli …

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Kiddie Kaper Parade

We had a good time with the annual Kiddie Kaper Parade, that time of year when the community comes together and watches all of the homemade floats  working their way through Oldtown Salinas. It was great seeing all of the people being part of the community and enjoying all the kids as they celebrate the Rodeo. …

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