Photo Dec 17, 11 56 54 AMRollick’s is guaranteed satisfaction.

Rollick’s Coffee is the upscale, great tasting, alternative to corporate coffee. We strive to provide our customers with a relaxed, calming environment that makes it easy for them to sit and enjoy our superior coffee drinks or get them to go in a hurry.

Where other coffee shops, especially large corporate ones, have decided that quality can be sacrificed we at Rollick’s believe the exact opposite. We feel that your taking the time to purchase a beverage from us requires our best effort. We want what your drink to be something you will remember and look forward to enjoying at Rollick’s again and again.

We strive to make certain that the drink you receive will always be of the same quality and taste. No matter who makes it. If you EVER feel otherwise, let us know and we will gladly either make it right, or give it to you free. No questions. We stand behind our product 100%.

It’s right or we buy it back!